HPStir’s inception … where to begin!

Likely no different than many other grassroots coffee businesses, we started HPStir with a passion for bringing people together, community, educating and of course, awesome coffee!

The things that were most important were quality beans and when able, giving back through volunteerism, donating coffee or through financial gifting.  Service is part of our DNA as our founders, Jeff Brockman and Sung Yoo both volunteer in our community.  Jeff as a former councilman and current firefighter, founder of the Harrington Park Community Business Alliance & Farmers Market and Sung who is an active member of the Environmental Commission.

Around our product, it has been paramount that the beans are of the highest of quality, sustainably sourced, fair trade and organic.  In addition, all of our beans are 
single origin and we focus on sourcing from family & community co-op farms where profits made from the growers are put right back into their communities providing sustainment.  Our focus has always been using organic pesticide free beans that are mycotoxin & mold free with an acidic free flavor.

Where are we today?

Currently you can find us at local in-person events, such as farmers markets and community gatherings. To those located in the Harrington park area, we locally deliver beans by the pound and do cold brew growler refills.  We are in the process of developing a brick and mortar location focused on “grab and go” goods, coming in 2023.

We could not be more ecstatic and humbled with how our community has welcomed us and we're even more excited to be able to share our love for coffee with those beyond Harrington Park.

Education, sustainability, community, and quality